28 Feb 2010

Let's start

This is the first post on this blog so let me put some introductory information here. My name is Marcin Gramza and I live in The Netherlands, Europe. I have been interested in photography since several years. My next big hobby is guitar playing. But it is a different story.
When I started to learn photography I decided to take this systematically and learn the different aspects of photography step by step. On the other hand I think there is no better way of learning things than practice them. And to practice the photography I take different assignments and try to get most out of it.
The other side of learning is to take the notes (or to make a logbook) for the future reference and to sort things out. And this is more or less what this blog is about: there will be a set of notes that I have made during my different photo assignments.
One can ask why I am doing this. Is this really a need for yet another photography blog? Probably not. But I really think that sharing of information (which implies knowledge) really helps to learn things faster, more efficient and with more fun. And since I take notes anyway (in the digital form), putting them on Internet is just small movement in most logic direction.
Just a final word for today: don't expect any miraculous pieces of information, gold advices, do's and don's here. I simply don't have them since I still learn to take the good photos. I will put the pieces of information how I have approached one of another assignment. If you like the end result and would like to try it by yourself I'll be very happy. If you have a better ideas and would like to share them with me (and others) I will be even happier.

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