25 Mar 2012

Fill space with people and a city photo starts to live

This post is a result of my experiments with photographing objects that can typically be found in a city: buildings, squares, tourist attractions, etc. After some initial trials, even if a photo contains the objects I originally wanted to I realized that often something is 'missing'. Let's take a few examples:
I like the above picture because of straight lines, the reflection visible on the right side of the frame. But what is it actually? 2nd try:
Suddenly, the passage starts to live. Now next to the shapes there is a dynamics, and the reflection is even more interesting.
Another example:
An ice cream car. That's it. But wait until the customers come:
Although the two boys and the ice cream man don't fill the frame, they add a lot to the scene. Now the photo starts to live, there is some story ongoing in the frame.
Last example:

This is one of the widely discussed buildings that emerged in Eindhoven city centre several years ago. You can like or dislike it, but  one thing is for sure - it is interesting. The mood of this picture (despite relative warm light) is somewhat cold. Empty space and a big 'egg' raising out of it. The same building with some dynamics around it:

I know that it is subjective, but to me the mood is different now, mainly due to a bicyclist on the first plane.  

So they are people that bring life to the city. Having them on a city photo can change it substantially. Something to remember when taking city shots next time.