19 Jan 2013

New year - new approach to enhance my photography

When I looked back at my photos taken last year I quickly come to the conclusion that many of them could be better. I think it is a good observation, since awareness of own deficiencies is the first step on a way to fix them.
Here's how I am going to tackle some of the issues I have with my photos:

  1. Study work of others more carefully
    This is something I need to do more systematically. I am going to keep it simple: look for inspiration on the sites like 500px.com, viewbug.com, read the books about photography (in 2013 I will concentrate on landscapes - one of the types of photography I do a lot), find best landscape photographers on the web and follow them
  2. Shoot, learn, shoot again
    As simple as that: take a theme to photograph, see what can be improved, repeat. One example here: begin of January I went with some guys to Rotterdam for a photowalk. When I compared my results with the results of others I realized how I could do things better. So I planned to go back to Rotterdam in February and improve some shots. 
  3. Learn from the professionals
    This is actually ongoing, since it has proven to be effective. I follow the courses on kelbytraining.com. They gave me a lot of insights last year, and this year I'll continue.

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