15 Jun 2014

The biggest photo assignment of this year (so far)

Last week I had a pleasure of shooting the wedding of my friends. It was a quite big assignment, since we agreed to shoot the "full package" — from the preparations starting in the morning,  till the wedding reception late in the night.
It was a busy, dynamic and very interesting day — in all kinds of aspects, including photographic ones.
Was it easy? Well, yes and no. An easy part was the contact with the bride and groom - I know the bride for years and it was quite straightforward to establish and maintain a good contact with her during the day. The groom turned out to be a great guy. Since the couple is truly in love I had plenty of moments where the good emotions, like love, joy, devotion were just popping out of them.
There were of course difficult moments I had to deal with. The reception was conducted in a quite high tempo, with a lot of situations to be captured. There was no time during the day to organize a shooting session with the couple. So I had to deal with artificial light in the evening. The wedding ceremony took place in a catholic church with a lot of rituals and moments that were quite new to me. So I had to find a way of making good pictures despite my ignorance of the religious matters.
I still don't know if my assignment is successful (first, I wait for the feedback from the couple about the photos; second — the final product, which is the wedding album is being edited).
Nevertheless I think it is worth spending some time on writing down observations that I have made and lessons that I have learned.
In the coming posts I'd like to write about:
- preparations for uncertain situations,
- lessons that are not taught during courses of wedding photographers,
- technical challenges and solutions
- things that I could have done better

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